Thursday, March 19, 2009


Hello everyone. I stumbled upon this documentary titled “BROTHERS at WAR” while surfing the internet. It is about this man named Jake Rademacher who, as a civilian, embedded himself with his brothers’ platoon, risking his life to film a documentary about the life of his soldier brothers. Captain Isaac Rademacher and Sgt. Joseph Rademacher were serving and risking their lives, as well, while fighting the war in Iraq. This movie shows, first hand, what his brothers and their fellow soldiers lived through while at war. Whatever your feelings are about the war in Iraq, this movie is not to glorify that war or to support any political position. From what I’ve gathered so far, this movie was made on a personal level, for Jake to understand what his brothers do and why they do it. In this movie, Jake portrays the human aspect of the American soldiers by showing us Captain Isaac Rademacher’s, Sgt. Joseph Rademacher’s, and their loved ones’ pain and hardship during their military tours and after coming back from the war. I’m writing this post in support of our troops and of this movie. When I read the teasers about it, I was hooked. Now I'd like to see it. Unfortunately, it’s only being shown in limited theaters due to the prohibitive cost of advertising. However, if you’d like to see this in theaters near you, there’s a way to make that happen. Click on this link to find out how you can do just that! Also, If you'd like to support this movie and would like to write a post about it in your blogs, go ahead. Any publicity for this movie is very much appreciated, I'm sure. And if you can talk anyone into sponsoring the viewing of this movie in your towns and cities, by following the instructions in this link, the better! I'd like to make a special mention of Mr. Gary Sinise, the star of CSI: New York, because he plays a big role in producing this movie. He's also a huge supporter of our military men and women. He and his Lieutenant Dan Band, many times, have gone (and still do) to different military bases, entertaining the troops, under the auspices of the United Services Organization (USO).

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I hope that this movie will reach great success in order for it to be shown across the country and not just in limited theaters. This will give those of us who'd like to see it a chance at watching it on the big screen. If you have any questions, you may contact Samuel Goldwyn Films at or log on to:


Friday, March 13, 2009

My Wild Side

Hello everybody. Do you remember reading the post where I wrote about me listening to my mellow music while fishing at the lake? Well, the music was so relaxing that it literally put me to sleep. In order to combat my sleepiness as I drove home, I had to listen to rock and roll, at full blast. I’m going to share my playlist with you. I only hope that it will come through to my blog.

I believe that there’s a wild side in all of us. You can tell by listening to this playlist that I definitely have a wild streak in me. My wildness doesn’t end there, though. Oh, no. I have to be humming, singing along if I know the words, or bobbing my head back and forth like a maniac. Have you ever seen people doing that in their car? If you don’t hear their music when they’re acting that way, they look pretty silly, right? Well, that’s how I’d look if you could see me—pretty silly.

I usually have a real difficult time waking up after I get out of bed. So, I often listen to the same rowdy music while I’m getting ready for work. I’ll be swaying side to side or dancing in place as I brush my teeth or curl my hair.

Okay, I’ll wrap this up so that you can enjoy listening to this music as you go about your weekend activities.

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